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Top 3 Ideas Selected at 2nd Edition of IncubateIND HealthHack 2016

IncubateIND - 30 Hours Hackathon, took place on 19th and 20th November at EMPI B-School Satbari, Chattarpur, New Delhi. It was a successful event as it gathered more than 120 talented doctors, engineers, coders, designers, and business & marketing professionals to disrupt the health and medical industries. The programme was organised by IncubateIND's Founders Samkit Sharma and Punit Jain, in association with

IncubateIND Team

Both Co-founders of IncubateIND - Samkit & Punit along with his friends Abhijeet Anand and Vishesh, chose to volunteer for HealthHack and made this hackathon a mega event.

Incubate IND Participants

This event was held for innovators passionate about disrupting healthcare with progressive ideas, creative thinking and active doing. A total of 20 teams participated in the program and each team comprised of 2 to 5 members. The participants got just 30 hours to hack and in that time period they were expected to come up with their innovative product.

IncubateIND Judges

The team of judges included Puneet Kanodia, COO, Ricoh & leading Project Management Office & Healthcare Vertical; Simi Anderson, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Medical Devices & Hitendra Gosain, CEO, CreateValue. Sayantan Das Gupta from Jaarvis Accelerator was also evaluating the pitched ideas. JA was the accelerator partner for this event.

IncubateIND Mentors

Also, there was a team of mentors who were guiding all the participants and discussing the most important issues in health tech sector. The mentors are as follows - Sanjaya Kumar Saxena, Consultant, Information Technology and Services; Varun Chandra, Product Ideator, Regional Director- Founder Institute & Founder, ColdFusion Venture Partners; Kartik Arora, Product Expert, Deskera & Himanshu Goyal, Country Manager Sales, Computer Services Industry, IBM.

Winners Announcement

IncubateIND's celebrity judges announced the names of top three teams at the end of the competition. The winners were the following teams:- Guardian Support System, Mtherapy and Respect Square.


Team Guardian Support System was the winner and got a prize of Rs 25K. Also they got an opportunity of free co-working space of 30 days from Workly, the co-working partner for the event. The members of the winner team are as follows : Divyangana & Digvijay Singh Baidwan.

1st Runner-Up

Team M therapy was the 1st runner-up and got a prize of Rs 15K. Also, the team got an opportunity of free co-working space of 15 days from Workly. The members of the team are as follows : Mohd. Faiz & Vatsal Bajpai.

2nd Runner-Up

Team Respect Square was the 1st runner-up and got a prize of Rs 10K. Also, the team got an opportunity of free co-working space of 7 days from Workly. The members of the team are as follows : Piyush Aggarwal & Shubham Sirohi.


The event was sponsored by Deskera, Workly, A.P.E. Communication, Wave City and Jaarvis Accelerator. When asked about the event, Kartik Arora, Product Expert, Deskera, added, "The 2nd edition was a bigger success than the 1st and it saw much more enthusiasm than the previous one."

EMPI Volunteers

The event was much supported by EMPI Volunteers and students community. A special thanks to Sourabh from YMCA and Hasan from JSS.

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