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Top 3 Ideas Selected at 1st Edition of Indian IncubateX Hackathon

IncubateIND - 30 Hours Hackathon (a part of IncubateX), took place on 6th and 7th August in EMPI B-School Satbari, Chattarpur, New Delhi. It was a successful event as it gathered more than 120 developers. The programme was organised by Punit Jain (an entrepreneur based out in Jaipur) in association with

IncubateIND Team

Punit along with a few of his friends-- Rohan Rudra, Samkit Sharma, Abhijeet Anand, Vasu Singh, Vishesh Goel, Sonia Chaudhary, Kumar Akshat and Praveen Choudhary, chose to volunteer for IncubateIND and made this hackathon a mega event.

Incubate IND Participants

This event was held to foster growth and help participants come up with fresh ideas for their own projects. A total of 20 teams participated in the program and each team comprised of 3 to 5 members. The participants got just 30 hours to hack and in that time period they were expected to come up with their innovative product.

IncubateIND Judges

The team of panelists included Apurva Chamaria (Vice President and Head - Corporate Marketing , HCL Technologies), Sahil Arora (CEO & Founder, Vuzelaa Group ), Anil Chhikara (Principal, Jaarvis Accelerator), Neha Anand (General Manager, Straight Talk, HCL Technologies) & Sastry Tumuluri (CEO, Digital Self Defense InfoSec).

Winner Teams

They announced the names of top three teams at the end of the competition. The winners were the following teams:- Harmony, Atomic and Coderage.

Team Members

The members of the selected teams are as follows- Harmony :- Deepak Pathania, Aditya Chawla, Himanshu Tiwari, Anurag Shrivastava and Arun Rajora; Atomic :- Sumant, Raghuvendra, Ayush and Akshay; Coderage :- Ashish Gulati, Manjog Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Gautam Prajapati, Harish Sinha and GurRaunaq Singh

Apart from these top 3 ideas, HCL Technologies, DSD InfoSec and Jaarvis Accelerator have also selected 5 teams for incubation. Here are the details of the selected teams: HCL Technologies :- YOLO, Harmony, Atomic & Coderage; DSD InfoSec :- YOLO; Jaarvis Accelerator :- EnnoStar & YOLO

IncubateIND Selected Ideas

The top 3 ideas selected at IncubateIND would be sent forward to compete with winning ideas of other 18 nations including New York (US), San Francisco (US), Washington D.C (US), Dallas (US), Houston (US), Seattle (US), Paris (France), Beirut (Lebanon), Harare (Zimbabwe), Tokyo (Japan), Warsaw (Poland), Kiev (Ukraine), London (United Kingdom), Cairo (Egypt), Perth (Australia), Munich (Germany), Seoul (South Korea), New Delhi (India), Abuja (Nigeria).

Winners Prize

Further, the IncubateX’s panel of 16 celebrity judges, will choose top 3 ideas out of the total 57 gathered across the 19 nations. The final three winners would win all-inclusive paid trip to New York City for one week meeting top mentors and other activities enhancing their startup journey.

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