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8 Characters You Must Hire In Your Super Startup Team

Startups want to build productive business soon, scale up sooner than later and raise funding even quicker. But it is the core startup teams, that build or break the business. It quite understandable, the firm has a shakier foundation, less working capital, fewer workers, and fewer customers providing a smaller stream of revenue. Therefore, hiring the right skill people, is most important. So, have a sneak-peek on the types of team members you must hire in your startup:

An Outdoorsy Guy

You should have one fellow who like to be outdoors, maybe a former athlete, sportsperson, someone who can handle anything even at the last minute. Since, startups are far from being organised, set in a small setup, he can be someone of great help, believe me. He/she can help in shifting stuff, he has an idea about the real world and practical stuff and doesn't mind bending a little more. He would be flexible and non-touch about many issues. Basically a strong & sturdy personality around you.

The Genius Wizard

The wizard is knowledgeable and clever. He's good and he knows it. If he/she is truly a genius, he/she won't mind hearing out the team's ideas, and working out a way to present it in a better way. He shall have patience, humility and hardwork; all three at the same time. Though he never explains how he accomplishes his magic because that's is too big a risk. His mystical, wizard-like aura would be destroyed in a moment.

A Competitive Diplomat

A clever mind can move mountains for sure, crack deals even in most unlikeliest of the situations. This person has to be a sharp-thinker, a smooth talker and a diplomat. As every organisation, big or small needs such people in positions of negotiations like in business development, sales and marketing. He would be someone who can turn failures into opportunities. Yes, there are people like that. You just need to find them!

The Passionate Worker

Every startup needs them desperately. These are the most dedicated ones of the lot, the hard-workers, the ones who are ready to go the extra mile. How do you identify them? While hiring, ask them if something goes wrong by them or any other team member, what would they do? They will have one straight answer, they would re-work and do it again the right way. Hence, you got it, they have accountability towards their duties, they have a sense belongingness with their team. They are your perfect goose! Pick them!

Loyal Associates

You think you can run your business alone! Wait, You are totally wrong. Everyone has their weak days, when they don't want to attend to things or maybe handle operations in multiple places at the same time. Whatever might be the case with you, there should be trustworthy people around you, whom you can delegate work to. So, have someone who can represent you well in your absence.

The Impression Maker

This one is required.Frankly speaking, in today's world we al look for outstanding people, projects, qualities etc. So, even if you didn't get the tender this time, a suitable presenter/ promoter can win the jury's heart for some other time. If you are a startup, hire someone who understands your agendas, is confident about presenting them to clients and is a smart talker. Plus points is he/she has good-looks too. Pleasing personalities always bring more business, keep in mind.

A High Morale Mentor

This one is an ugly truth. The reason employees stay or go from an organization, 70% of the time is their immediate manager/boss or mentor. If the guide good, a team can achieve great heights, they will have great bonding and will be good at their work too. By a high morale mentor, I mean someone who thinks positive and speaks words of encouragement in all situations. Someone who understands their problems and still shows a direction to start marching on to the team.

The Specialist

This one is debatable, since most “core” startup teams need to be flexible; unexpected problems arise frequently and workloads are volatile, so it’s important for your mainstays to be flexible enough to work on tasks outside their primary area of expertise. Still, the most productive startup teams do have specialists who focus on one area of the business. Those overflow “leaks” are few and far between, and for the most part, each expert is exclusively responsible for his/her own domain. Such a model doesn’t prohibit teamwork, however, since multiple experts can get together to solve common problems. The advantage to keeping each specialist as separate as possible is limiting the possible distractions that could cause them to perform tasks inefficiently or limit them from making progress in their own realms.

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