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"Our Aim is to Provide Rajasthan With Quality Mentors/Investors" Says Himanshi Goyal, Co-Founder & CEO, Wired Hub

Wired Hub has been developed with a single minded aim of bringing together the startup ecosystem of the state of Rajasthan and develop the next hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup influencers to brainstorm together and come out with good stuff! Wired Hub is a Co-working Innovation Cafe of Rajasthan which was started in February 2016. BWDisrupt Team member Sujata Sangwan Interacts with Himanshi Goyal, Co-Founder and CEO of Wired Hub and spoke to her.

Idea Generation

As it is said, Necessity is the mother of Invention. When I came back to Jaipur from London. I was looking to start my professional career. I wanted to be a freelancer PRO. I started working for few startups but there was something I found missing and that was a place where I could go work. There are a lot of cafes where you can work from but that doesn't really help. How much do I order? For how long can I sit there? And then slow speed Wi-Fi? It is good for once in a while but can’t be a daily thing. It was then I thought of Wired Hub! Also, I was really passionate to create a community, a community of like-minded people, freelancers, artists, startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, readers or poets. Imagine a room filled with these kind of people- What flow of creative energy!

Business Model

We follow a very simple business model. Like how you have a sports club for all sports enthusiast. We are an entrepreneur club for the like-minded creative, passionate people.

Space & Services

Wired hub is a 2000 sq. ft. (Two-Floored) Co-working space. We have Hot Desks, Conference room, cubicles as well as Private cabins. Apart from Work space, we provide startups with a mentor board from all over the world. Startups have access to that mentor board whenever they want. We also have industry experts from different domains who visit wired hub regularly for any kind of help our co-workers need. Then there are loads of Community building, knowledge sessions taking place every month.

Target Group

Our target group is dreamers and doers. They may be painters, artists, freelancers, poets, readers and entrepreneurs. We reach them through Social media, community building events and of course word of mouth.

Funding Raised

We have been seed funded by a friend. We would only want to get funded if we come across someone who shares the same vision as we do.

Expansion Plans

We have recently expanded to Jodhpur intact we are the first ones to get this concept to that city. We have tied up with E-Cell IIT and other colleges to help us with this. We would also be expanding to other cities soon. Priority is to work on on-going projects.

Future Goals

We wish to be 100% efficient in what we are doing right now and then expand to different regions. We wish to collaborate with organisations sharing similar vision and create like-minded communities nationwide.

Other Initiatives

We run various accelerator/ development programs and workshops for Entrepreneurs here. We invite best mentors/speakers from all over India to Jaipur. Our aim is to provide Rajasthan with quality mentors/Investors.

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