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Article on July 14, 2016

Mobigraph’s QUGO Designed For "Personalized Expression”, Offering Expressive and Emotionally Instant Messages

We have around 4000~5000 MAU. A normal user who sends an animation spends around on average 12 minutes per day and our super users spends roughly around 30 mins per day. Emoji market is heating up very fast and we believe we are in right place at the right time.

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10 Ways To Promote Your Startup Using Instagram

Use data analysis apps to track your Instagram profile progress. It will show you what time your posts get the most likes or which community likes your posts the most.

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ShoppinPal Raises $1.07M Investment from Plug and Play Tech Center and Steelhead Ventures

Plug and Play Tech Center is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has a world-class network of serial entrepreneurs and strategic investors.

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Deals RoundUp: EuroKids, EuroVarsity, Quikr, AtHomeDiva, AppPoint, HireCanvas, Helpchat, Zomato, Google, Kifi, Snapdeal, GoJavas, Cisco Spark, Gupshup and

Cisco will be working with bot builder platforms Gupshup and to integrate their bot development capabilities with Cisco Spark.

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Indian Businesses Require Scale and Marquee Branding to Move Up the Value Chain

Cue to take is from South Korea’s chaebols – Samsung, LG and Hyundai. India has developed huge number of MSME’s and a workforce, which is largely in the unorganized sector.

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SIDBI Picks Up 8 Startup Focussed Venture Funds For Support

Dr. Shivaji added that SIDBI also offers other risk capital products through mezzanine structures to growth stage startups and added that SIDBI has been constantly orienting and reinventing itself for bringing out product solutions for various needs of SMEs.

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