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Article on September 12, 2017

Start-Up India- the Way Forward to Innovation & Growth

"Startup is about being innovative, finding innovative solutions to existing problems or it means to launch an idea which have never seen before."

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Sometimes Being a Leader is Just Like that Lift at Work: A Leader’s Elevator Pitch

Founders and creators are being asked to step down, organizations, even countries aren’t appreciating their leaders. Doom is nigh if we’re all heading towards a leaderless world.

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Zoomcar Aims to Go International Beginning with Asia and Africa

After 9 lakh trips completed in India, Zoomcar plans to expand across Asia and Africa in the next 2 years.

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The Gujarati Woman Who Broke Free to Set Up EFI Hub

Anu used to work at a Mumbai call centre for less than 10,000 rupees a month. Now she is slowly building a network of mentors and investors to help startups across Africa and India.

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