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Article on January 12, 2018

Microsoft Accelerator and Accenture Ventures Partner to Make Startups Enterprise Ready at ThinkNext 2018

Through this ecosystem partnership, Microsoft Accelerator and Accenture Ventures together will host various start-up events and summits in India which will enable them to engage deeply with the start-up network and bring new opportunities to innovate for clients.

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Why Value Creation Is Vital To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs that work and act on the rather parochial vision of fostering expectations, subject, not only their companies but also dreams, to decisions that can prove to be difficult to undo. However, value creation understandably poses no risk or harm to business.

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The Role of Leaders & Employees in an Organization

The biggest challenge that we often face in a leadership position is to find ways to attract and retain the best talent. My strategy in this regard is to focus on younger employees and provide them the best of training, a happy work environment, a healthy work life balance and giving them work that keeps them intellectually challenged.

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Three Month Old Fintech Startup Kuants Raises Seed Funding

Two young fellows, Mohit Bansal and Ayush Gangwar, both graduates of IIT Kharagpur, started Kuants in October 2017.

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2018 Is The Year Of Disruption For Online Fashion In India

2018 is also going to be a year defined by exclusives and new, bold trendy and inspiring fashion styles that are in sync with global fashion trends. Categories that feature brands and exclusives will draw existing and new customers.

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Y Combinator Launching Program for Bio Tech Startups; Offers More Money

Instead of the standard deal for YC companies, $120,000 invested for 7 percent ownership, companies will be offered any amount between $500,000 and $1 million for 10 to 20 percent ownership.

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Pfizer, Genesys Invest in Natural-Product Drug Maker Adapsyn

Should Pfizer advance any potential compounds identified through the collaboration, Adapsyn is entitled to potential payments of up to $162 million.

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KKR-Backed Emerald Media Acquires Controlling Stake in Cosmos-Maya

Cosmos-Maya, the market leader in original Indian animation content creation, now eyes global market.

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