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Article on December 12, 2017

Subhash Chandra Foundation Launches the ‘Esselerator’ Program to Mentor Indian Startups

To commemorate 90 years of Essel Group, Rs. 5000 crore of his family wealth has been pledged; the program targets early and growth stage startups and even AI,ML startups in the media and entertainment sector.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Learn to Scare Us?

With Shelley, the world’s first artificial intelligence-human horror story collaboration, MIT researchers aim for goosebumps.

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YouTube Reveals what Indians Watched, Shared, and Created in 2017

80 independent creators crossed the 1 million subscriber mark; beauty and health emerged as the fastest growing vertical as regional content sees exponential growth.

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Esri India Rolls Out ‘GeoInnovation’ with Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science

The department has partnered with leading Geographical IT company, Esri India to launch ‘GeoInnovation’, a challenge for GIS enabled tech startups.

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