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Article on November 10, 2017

Debjani Ghosh Will be the First Woman President of NASSCOM

Debjani has been a member of NASSCOM’s Executive Council and a trustee of NASSCOM Foundation.

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Phonon Communications Acquires Gurgaon Based Chatbot Company, iDelivr

The banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector has been the largest adopter of AI chatbot services.

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'Running a Startup is One of the Most Simplest Things a Person Can Do' - Saket Modi, Lucideus

Focus shouldn’t be on it, instead it should be on solving a real problem in the best possible manner using all that’s available as resources, and most importantly, ensuring you are having fun solving the problem

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Google’s Files Go App Released In A Closed-Beta Program

Google has been working on an app similar to Apple's AirDrop

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The Challenge of Being Your Own Boss

Staying motivated is one of the major challenges. Micromanaging everything with no one over your head constantly, can be difficult.

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Wipro Consumer Care to Invest in Happily Unmarried

Since its foray into the personal care market in 2015, HUMPL has built a wide portfolio of male and female grooming products under its umbrella brands of ‘Ustraa’ and ‘Happily Unmarried‘, respectively.

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Xapads Media is Expanding Internationally

Business is equal to profits, and until the time business attains profitability, it’s as good as burning money in fire. So work hard and don’t chase venture capitalist funds. Create value, generate profits and money will follow

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