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Article on July 04, 2018

Public WiFi to Enable 40 Million New Internet Users and Contribute $20B to Economy by 2019

Public WiFi can also translate into tangible benefits to GDP, by around $20 billion between 2017-19 and at least $10 billion per annum thereafter

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Xcelerator Aims to Revamp Education System by Training Graduates to be Truly Worthy of a Job

The education system is hampered by lack of good professors, redundant curriculum teaching outdated content, giving rise to graduates insufficiently skilled for jobs in this fast paced digital age.

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EU Can Reinvent Itself by Making Canada Part of its Trade Block and Give Birth to Multipolar Trade Alliance

If the EU plays its cards more astutely and form an extended trade union with Canada, it can become a major game changer and gain a more powerful position for negotiations with the US.

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