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Article on October 02, 2017

What on Earth is ‘RegTech’? Why is it the Next Big Thing in Banking?

Easily solvable problems like lack of credit history or being a migrant without the right papers still loom big in the world. RegTech might be the answer.

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De-Tabooing Tracking

“It took only two minutes for the life of an executive from a famous e-commerce company to change…Imagine if that young girl had had something like LetsTrack; we could have routed her whereabouts immediately to the police station…”

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Lendingkart Finance is Fuelling the SME Fire

In April 2014, Lendingkart went live online as a comprehensive lending institution dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with working capital.

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With its Scion at the Helm, Intex is Readying for an Encore

Talking of Intex Technologies is somehow akin to talking of Keshav Bansal, its youngest Director.

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