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The Best Resources to Enable Your IoT Idea and Bring it to the Market

All it takes to succeed for IoT startups is access to the best resources and a little bit of luck. With heavy emphasis on cost optimization, ideal sourcing, reliable prototype building and constantly being updated, there's no hurdle too big to bring any idea into existence.

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Point Blank: The ABC Of Starting Up

A is for Adytude and that’s how I’m here in the first place, writing about start ups, working and thinking and strategizing non stop…but more about that later

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Is Zomato Unicorn or Not?

The report claims that we have low market share. Our internal data shows that we drove a large percentage (>50%) of business to some of the biggest restaurant names in the country. Our traffic in India, our home market, also grew 8% in April 2016 over March 2016.

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How to Value Your Startup

If you have an experienced team with a good track record, then you may need a lesser amount to reach the same point in same time than the naive founders. Hence, it automatically increases the valuation of your startup as investors would be willing to invest for a lesser percentage of equity.

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Never tell this to Your Prospective Investors

All companies have competitors, either direct, indirect or substitutes. Restaurant not only competes with other Restaurants.

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You Don’t Want to Get a Rough Ride Like OLA

Start Ups like OLA engage the top law firms and also have in house legal teams – so they are not living in the world of the ‘uninformed’ but its more like living in the world of ‘mis-informed’ ( usually attributed to consumers of media )

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Why is the Government Interfering in the Pricing of eCommerce?

Is there any economic basis to assume discounting by e-commerce amounts to predatory pricing? Or is it a ‘fear’ being inculcated by the opposing lobby?

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Most Important Thing for Hardware (IoT) startup

Ashissh Raichura, giving insight on how to successfully get your product in the market by validating the success of the product at every stage.

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Creating Unicorns - Startup Idea to IPO - Funds Raising & Wealth Creation for Startups and SMEs

Venture capital investments in India reached INR 15,600 crore (US$ 2363) till June 2015, surpassing the total INR 14,850 crore (US$ 2250) invested in entire 2014, setting the stage for another record year as interest in local technology startups peak.

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