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Latest Articles in Startups

Rise of Healthcare Business in India

The Healthcare Business is all set to conquer the markets with investors readily available to invest in this sector as India is full of prospects in the medical industry as it is one of the fastest growing sectors

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Fixed-Term Employment Rules Will Lead To Formal Job Creation

The Fixed-Term Employment Rules can have a tremendous positive impact on employment generation in the organized sector in India

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Four Key Steps To Enhance Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence

People only interact with customer service when they have a problem they need the business to solve

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4 Best HR Practices That Won’t Put Your Acquisition Deals On Hold

The worth of corporate deals in India has doubled in 2018 to date compared to 2017, driven by big-ticket consolidation across various sectors

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The Next Big Disruption After Mobile Is Here And This Time You Won’t Even See It!

Don’t mistake it for an evolution… Voice is a revolution because it’s THE THING that changes everything, and this time you won’t even see it!

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Six New-age Tech Startups On-boarded in the Second Cohort of Lodha Group’s Palava Accelerator

The second cohort of the Palava Accelerator comprises startups providing new-age tech & digital solutions such as electric bikes, bike sharing platform for e-cycles & e-scooters, asset automation solution for water, AI based learning management system, mobile-based same-day delivery service, and web applications for city vendors.

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FarEye Acquires Dipper, an IoT Platform for Visibility & Management in Freight Movement

Dipper Technologies, founded in 2015, counts Fortune 500 companies among its clientele

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Meet the 5 Startups Graduated from CoWrks Foundry's First Cohort

Out of the 350+ startups that applied to the program from across India and some even international, the final five that were selected to be a part of the accelerator are Wagonfly, Understand Better, Ayasta, Betterly and T-Scale Hub.

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Ikea Enters The Playing Field

The campaign is a series of short films in which some iconic Ikea products speak and express their personality

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