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Swiggy StatEATistics: Quarantine Edition

Nearly 323 million kgs of onions and 56 million kgs of bananas delivered through Swiggy Grocery. Chicken Biryani still holds the top spot with over 5.5 lakh orders.

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FPOs Have The Potential Of Transforming The Agriculture Industry: Here’s how

India’s technology revolution is keeping up with the rest of the world and is progressing at a breakneck pace, penetrating almost every industry.

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Twitter Launches Dedicated Search Prompt To Provide Info On Disaster Relief And Awareness Efforts

The search prompt will also generate a list of government agencies working towards disaster response and relief in India, so people looking for support can easily identify and establish contact with credible authorities.

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Gautam Gambhir Backed FYI Health Launches ‘Made in India’ FYI Health Post To Help Workplaces Open With Confidence In COVID-19

FYI Health Post offers an all in one solution with an advanced design for deployment at entry locations of workplaces and establishments to create a safe environment.

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How Start-ups Are Innovating With Ideas And Tech Amid COVID-19

With the nationwide lockdown, India fights back valiantly trying to contain the spread while the startup sector has responded swiftly adopting the pandemic situation.

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Large Startups' Leadership Teams Reach Office First To Alleviate Staff Fear

India's large startups, including Flipkart, Paytm, Udaan, Oyo and Zomato, leadership teams are back at work, in a bid to assure their workforce of health and safety measures before asking them to return.

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Park+, Ex-Paytm Exec’s Smart Parking Start-up Introduces Social Distancing Solutions For Malls

The suite of services brought forth through the Park+ app will enable the mall personnel to check-in and check-out customers while tracking and recording their temperatures.

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Experiencing The Trustworthy 'Khaata' Days With Digital Payments

With customers having the flexibility to make instant payments on every transaction, digital ledger platforms or pay later facilities are moving towards ushering in the next step

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Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy and Road Ahead for Corporate Sector

The Indian economy is witnessing a significant slowdown, with GDP growth at 4.7% in Q3 2019-20, its lowest in nearly seven years. The COVID-19 outbreak has compounded the challenges and could send the economy hurtling toward a recession

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