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As-It-Is Nutrition’s Journey As Startup

The Indian Nutraceuticals market was estimated to be around $4 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at 21% CAGR to reach $10 Bn by 2022

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Xeniapp Sets to Disrupt the Travel Space Using AI and Blockchain Technology

India is among the highest growth markets for online travel bookings and airline travel is projected to nearly triple over the next ten years.

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How Raj Shamani is Disrupting ‘The Education System’ and #thatuselesskid’s Audacious Plan to Make Every Person Useful

Raj is one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna and has given 3 TEDx talks, more than 100 keynotes in 23 countries.

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How Connect2India is Enabling Agro Producers and Small Businesses in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities to Go Global?

Connect2India has a strong presence and network in 12 overseas countries and is planning to expand its presence to 20 more top trading nations by this year.

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Tear-Anchor-Brew with Beanly Coffee

This coffee brand brings a convenient and fresh, authentic coffee experience to the everyday Indian through carefully profiled and roasted coffee beans in the Pour-Over Bag.

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Stallion Barware, a Brand That Delights with Uniquely Unbreakable Barware

Today, the brand creates an irresistible line-up of unbreakable cups and glasses that are too hard to resist and impossible to break.

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With 2M Monthly Users, Knowledge Sharing App Vokal is Growing at 30-50% Month on Month

Vokal wants to be one of the first products that can be used by India’s 500 million language Internet users.

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How This Guy Grew His Passion to a Platform With Over 9M Audience

The idea of Typewriters Voice was born out of needs when Jainender started looking for a platform that is inspirational but ended up creating one for himself.

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