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No It’s Not Crazy and Hysterical to Express Yourself Ladies!

Unfortunately, when a woman flies off the handle, she is perceived as being hysterical, or unstable –– men are never quite accused of this.

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SBI Mutual Fund Overcomes the Challenge of Serving 6M Customers Using Avaamo’s Chatbot

The bank was in talks with over fifteen vendors and finally chose Avaamo because “it is secure, scalable, trustworthy and definitely a new profit centre for any organization” as stated by Nitin Agarwal the Head of Digital Initiatives at SBI Mutual Funds.

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Accenture Invites Entries from Indian Student for Its Innovation Challenge

The deadline for submitting entries to the Accenture Innovation Challenge is August 12, 2018.

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Chennai Metro Rail Selects Nasdaq-listed Trimble for Real-time Status Monitoring Solutions

Once implemented, the project will be one of the first examples of digital real-time, condition-based monitoring rolled out by an Indian rail operator.

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OPPO Launches A3s, the First OPPO Smartphone With Dual Rear Cameras

Super Full Screen and 4230 mAH battery further add to the list of innovative features

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GSSA Cargo Sales Agents in India and Asia Making a Killing in Air Logistics

Most logistic companies in India have yet to touch the skies preferring to first bridge the gaps in surface logistics. But India and Asia is getting hotter for agents of the air cargo sector.

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Nature-Driven Elements for Successful Woman Entrepreneurship

Women are an embodiment of the elements of nature – air, fire, water and earth.

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Innovation State: Andhra Pradesh; A Dream, A Vision

With technology becoming pertinent in our lives, a closely knit innovation ecosystem is a critical need for a country, with the size, scale, and diversity of India. Globally, while the United States of America has been in the forefront of innovation, research and development in the recent past, Israel, a small nation, has been the leading spender in R&D and Innovation (in terms of % of GDP). In the last decade, India spent less than 1% of the GDP for R&D and Innovation. R&D in India is still largely financed by the government sources, with limited success. Out of over 5,000 Incubators across the world, India is limited to less than 1% of such incubators.

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