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Rugs and Beyond - Allows Local Weavers and Craftsmen to Sell Their Carpets to a Global Clientele

Rugs and Beyond has a unique value proposition and aims to manifest the “Made in India” motto in every possible way to a global clientele.

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'Our Products are High on Fashion and Comfort' - Says Monica Anand, Founder, Switchers

Under Cover Lingerie was founded in November 2011 in Mumbai with the support of my husband.

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'About 50% of Our Consumers Interact on Mobile, Contributing Close to 35% of the Total Sales' - Giya Diwaan, Country Head,

The company had doubled its business across all the segments in the last 12 months inspite being a challenging year for the industry.

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Palettes Digital - Helps in Improving a Brand's Digital Presence and Reach

Palettes has worked with around 30 clients till now. The client base is a mix of well-established firms like edX, IIMB, Malabar, Titan & growing startups like Bookaflower, Admizz, Hostelnpg etc.

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'My Mission is to Establish My Brand Globally' - Designer Rashmi Modi

My clients loved the originality of the designs and good quality at such affordable price.

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Crowdsourcing Recruitment Marketplace IT World to Close 2016 with 5000+ Interviews in India

The marketplace onboards tens of agencies every month and internally ranks them based on their performance. The agencies with the highest score and demonstrating multiple closures of positions on the marketplace often benefit from exclusive positions.

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Women Entrepreneurs Who Ruled the Startup Space in 2016

From early 20's to mid 40's these women are changing the dimensions of the startup world. Just like a woman raises her baby, similarly their ventures are no less than a baby for them.

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‘The Global Weight Loss and Weight Management Market is Expected to Reach $206.4B by 2019’ - Ritu Srivastava, Founder, Obino

As per the FICCI Wellness Report, the wellness market in India is estimated to be an INR 950 Billion and weight loss/slimming services alone are estimated to be between 60,000 – 70,000 crores. This number is only set to explode in India.

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Research and Teaching Should Go Hand and in Hand - Dr. Priyanka P.V, Director, Philip Kotler Center

She is authoring a book on social media marketing for Business Expert Press and one more is on its way with a leading publisher in the world. Also, she has won 7 awards for my outstanding contribution in the area of teaching and research.

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