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Gender Equality Needs To Be Promoted: Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla, the young scion of the Birla Empire shares her thoughts on being a woman in this male dominated world, her inspiration, life challenges and more

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Yes Madam - Provides You the Quality Home Services at Unmatched Prices

Yes Madam provides unified booking platform for all the beauty services.

Read More - Recruitment Website Exclusively For CA, CS, CWA and MBA (Finance)

'We want to secure 5X growth in size of database through advertisement and ‘word of mouth’ – uniqueness of profiles is a key source of competitive advantage.'

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Five HR Policies That Made Life @ Work Easy For Women

Pregnancy, surrogacy and adoption – all are equal as they bring baby in a home. Companies are offering same benefits to couples opting for surrogacy and adoption as for maternit

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It Is Our Responsibility As Women To Make Ourselves Heard: Shereen Bhan

One of India's leading TV anchors talks about journalism, the changing audience and her experience as a woman in a leadership role

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Why We Don't See Enough Women in Boardrooms?

Despite efforts to include more women in boardrooms, it's a challenge for most companies as the availability of board-ready women is still scarce

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Celebrating Women's Day Trivialises Men's Issues

Celebrating International Women's Day is all about educated women getting one more excuse not to work, to wear fancy clothes and get pampered without reason

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How Women Should Approach A large Cash Inheritance

If you're a woman who has recently received a large cash inheritance, you need to take a few important yet simple measures immediately from a financial planning standpoint

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How Women Should Approach Investing

Studies have shown repeatedly that one's attitudes and beliefs are a key determinant in their investing habits

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Do All Women Need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a risk management tool - period. You could window dress it, strap on savings components and other benefits, but the fact remains that Life Insurance is a cost that one incurs to compensate their loved ones for the financial strife resulting from their potential future lack of their income

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