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IthakaTales - A Mobile App That Provides You Travel Experience in Various Formats

We are looking to engage our local partnerships and showcase the talent of the people who create our content to differentiate us.

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Chototel : Building Its First Super Budget Hotel In India

Chototel, founded by Rhea Silva on the 7th January 2016, is India's lowest eco-friendly hotel project which would be open for renting out to people who would like to stay for a longer period. It’s a pilot project & the first one in India in this segment.

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Zucate : Providing Multilingual Support For All Subjects in the K-12 Segment

The primary and secondary schools students are our primary customers. Apart from that even teachers and tutors availing our services is a small but not an ignorable chunk of our customers.

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Eventila : A Tech Based Platform To Solve Vendor Discovery Around Event Celebrations

Events and Weddings in India is a huge billion dollar industry. Weddings alone is said to be a $38 Billion market with a YoY growth of 25%-30%.

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RF Creators - A Startup That Brings Customized RF Antennas, Circuit Design and Development to the Indian Markets

We provide RF consultancy along with design a d development to understand the client-side requirements and assist them in overcoming all the technical issues faced by them and their product and coming up with low cost solution as per requirements.

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Gartika : A Platform For Artisans To Showcase Their Talent Through Their Fine Workmanship

My advice to others would be to not be deterred by how many people are doing what you have in mind but focus on how this will become your passion- take the plunge.

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Exoticflavorsofindia - Bridging the Huge Gap Between Demand and Supply for Exotic Food Delicacies from Various Regions of India

Sneha started her journey in November 2015 with Manu Khera as the co-founders and has offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad for execution of its online business

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BabyChakra - The Ultimate Solution For Your Parenting & Child Care Needs

The company connects over 450,000 young parents to each other on a monthly basis. The platform is targeted to supporting parents expecting a baby or with young children at home.

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MakeItHappen - Travel Design Company That Curate And Develop Cultural Experiences

This startup has raised no funds so far. It has organically grown the business by reinvesting profits. It is on an expansion drive and is seeking an investment of Rs.30 lakh for development of its technology.

Read More - Indian Online Travel Portal in Religious Tourism

Rachna Gulati, Director Myholytour in conversation with Chahat Jain of BWBusinessworld says religion is her passion and she is an avid traveler. She further said Myholytour operates in 5 segments all over India and plans to expand overseas in the near future.

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