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Exoticflavorsofindia - Bridging the Huge Gap Between Demand and Supply for Exotic Food Delicacies from Various Regions of India

Sneha started her journey in November 2015 with Manu Khera as the co-founders and has offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad for execution of its online business

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BabyChakra - The Ultimate Solution For Your Parenting & Child Care Needs

The company connects over 450,000 young parents to each other on a monthly basis. The platform is targeted to supporting parents expecting a baby or with young children at home.

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MakeItHappen - Travel Design Company That Curate And Develop Cultural Experiences

This startup has raised no funds so far. It has organically grown the business by reinvesting profits. It is on an expansion drive and is seeking an investment of Rs.30 lakh for development of its technology.

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Rachna Gulati, Director Myholytour in conversation with Chahat Jain of BWBusinessworld says religion is her passion and she is an avid traveler. She further said Myholytour operates in 5 segments all over India and plans to expand overseas in the near future.

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Rock N Shop Making Your Desire a Reality by Bringing Luxury Shopping to Your Doorstep

Rock N Shop currently showcases over 200 labels and is dedicated to supporting retailers and brands to reach out to a highly affluent audience in India.

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POSist Aims to Fix Technology For the Restaurant Industry With Its Cloud Based POS Software

The company has seen quite a good amount of growth and acceptability in the market. It has grown from 10 restaurant customer in 2012 to 2000 restaurants till now, with implementations in all types of restaurant formats- from a highway dhaba to 5 star restaurants to kiosks to QSRs etc.

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Save Money and Time While Shopping Online With Shop Pirate Coupons

We get close to get 1 million users’ traffic on monthly basis and 70% traffic is from mobile. With close to more than 5 lac subscribers and 800+ positive reviews for Mobile app it has been so far a good journey wherein shoppers trust us.

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Explore, Discover & Experience Quality Rental Homes With GetSetHome

The company also offer services & house bills like house cleaning/maid, Wifi, DTH, Electricity, Water & Gas Bills to the tenants. Its staff on their inspection visits, ensures maintenance of the house.

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Renomania - An Online Platform That Helps You to Make Your Home Beautiful

We don’t have a plan formalized yet but we are not averse to funding. We would like to invite investment which would add strategic value to the company.

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Combining Lifestyle With Lifecare for Seniors At Antara

Antara’s management team and consultants are a mix of leaders from the fields of finance, strategy, sales, marketing, human resources, design, technology, hospitality, healthcare, operations and senior living under Ms Vachani’s leadership.

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