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Angel Broking, the Stock Advisors with Celestial Hunches

It’s a 30 year young startup and a force to be reckoned with in stock broking. In the last fiscal, Angel Broking customers made profits exceeding 1700 crores.

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With its Scion at the Helm, Intex is Readying for an Encore

Talking of Intex Technologies is somehow akin to talking of Keshav Bansal, its youngest Director.

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Beautiful Disruption of Indian Co-Working Real Estate

“There is nothing special about co-working… .” What’s disruptive about Innov8 is that they have these incredibly beautiful work spaces.

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The Wealth Manager Beating the Drums to the Sound of ‘Happy Money’

HappynessFactory has stepped up to be the wealth management solution focusing on creating not just a rich generation but a HAPPY rich generation.

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The Brothers Putting the Italian Fizz in Indian Wine

Fratelli Vineyards is an Indo-Italian venture that is producing a premium brand of Indian wine that is steadily gaining recognition for its quality.

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Express to the Ecomms

850 crores in June 2015, 192 crores in September 2017; Ecom Express is on the expressway to ecomm logistician numero uno.

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Why Bira 91 is so Frickin’ “Pitcher Perfect”

“For some odd reason the people who used to drink Kingfisher, don’t want to drink it anymore and Budweiser is pricey. Bira 91 rests at a point that gives a diverse range of flavour, at a price that is affordable.”

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Created by a Woman, Revolutionizing Information Management

“Information is the lifeblood for enterprises in this digital age”: Global IT spending for 2017 is set to hit $3.5 trillion.

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BYJU’S Rise to Head Master in Indian Edtech

Byju Raveendran, founder and CEO of BYJU’S is such an effective teacher that what began as tutoring friends culminated in India’s biggest, most disruptive edtech app, BYJU’S.

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