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Leveraging the Power of Networking for Women Entrepreneurs

With so many online forums and other opportunities available, networking has become even easier, leaving us with almost no excuse not to do it

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Factors Contributing to the Rise of Women Entrepreneurs, Across Sectors

India has been hailed as one of the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, with 11% of adult population being directly engaged in early stage entrepreneurship

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The Fault in your Pitches: What Investors Don’t Tell You

What helps some successfully raise funds? What was remarkable about their pitch that it stood out from the lot?

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“The platform combines advanced analytics, AI and Machine Learning techniques”- Mr. Vineet Sukumar Founder and MD, Vivriti Capital

In an Interview with BW Businessworld, Mr. Vineet Sukumar- Founder and MD, Vivriti Capital talks about Vivriti Capital’s business plan and more

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Entrepreneurs Today Are Learned And Market Research Is Becoming A Part Of Their Plan Increasingly: Amitayu Basu, NumrResearch

Amitayu Basu, CEO of RebusCode, a market research solutions company based out of Gurgaon, is a happy man. After working in US he took the risk of coming back to India and open his startup 8 years ago. Rebuscode was formed as a technology company creating the backbone platform for major research companies in India. 8 years later when Rebus established itself in the market and is now a profitable venture, the hunger to start again struck Amitayu. Rebus now created a separate division named Numr Research and is entering the consumer research market.

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What Stops An Entrepreneur From Building A Leadership Team?

The foundation for the success of any business is the team behind it

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Here’s Why start-up and Franchise Together Make a Win-Win Combination

Every franchise is a start-up and comes with all the risks and rewards associated with any business

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Should You Bootstrap Or Look For Funding?

Bootstrapping gives you the freedom to have complete authority in your business. Even with a co-founder, your share margin will remain profitable which in case of fundraising would get diluted.

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Launching a business? Here Are Some Funding Options You Have

With intent to promote an entrepreneurial culture, the government has initiated a series of financing schemes for small businesses that come without collateral.

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