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Vivek Goyal

Vivek Goyal is the Co-Founder of PlayShifu. A Stanford GSB graduate, his background includes eBay, P&G and his own startup in silicon valley.

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How Can An Indian Product Startup (Not Just Saas) Mark A Global Footprint

Every child’s brain has a unique way of processing information and grasping concepts. An Interactive AR toy can help them understand information at their comfort level and retain it for long. This is better than reading books or watching a video. Moreover, AR toys have an edge over videos and digital apps—thanks to motor skill development. In essence, AR makes learning truly inclusive and flexible. AR creates vibrant digital content controlled by tactile play. Various forms of digital content like audio, video, 3D figures, and images are combined to create a powerful learning experience for children. This keeps them holistically engaged and opens a two-way interactivity between the child and the technology, unlike traditional toys.

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