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Varun Chandra

Varun Chandra is the director at the Founder Institute, the world's largest startup launch program ( Founder Institute operate in over 100 cities worldwide with over 4,000 CEO Mentors and have launched over 1,500 technology companies through our program. He is also working on his startup called Wishonary-An Online Startup Ecosystem.

Latest Articles By Varun Chandra

Google Allo - A Smart Messaging App That Helps You Say More and Do More

I also feel unlike there is huge opportunity to engage developer network with the messaging Services, None of the top players provide API for integration with Third Party Apps. Allo might want to change that in the future.

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Open Letter to Mr. Kishore Biyani

Raising money does not always mean that one is not thinking long term. The idea of scaling fast, increasing the size of the pie and getting more brains in the business have create long term sustainable businesses around the Globe.

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Unscalable Idea to Create Scalable Venture

There are two reasons founders resist going out and selling. They are combination of shyness and laziness. The founder would rather sit at home writing code then go out and talk to a bunch of stranger and probably be rejected by most of them. But for start-up to succeed at least one founder will have to spend all his time on sales and marketing.

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The Challenge of Being a Startup Founder?

My idea of a business is that it floats like a balloon in instable equilibrium pushed about by awfully nasty things. These things are raw material, new processes, technical evaluation, market demand and all types of events.

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Entrepreneurial Lessons from Sakshi, Sindhu and Rio 2016

Your business is like an athlete, it needs to be kept competitively healthy and fit, It required that you have a laser like focus on the business fundamentals, major milestones, improving customer services and even minute detail of the business.

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Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

The most critical part of running the business is to be aware of the world around you, if you have been aware of the world around you, then you will be able to meet new problems as they come along.

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