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Srividya Kannan

Kannan is Founder & Director, Avaali Solutions

Latest Articles By Srividya Kannan

Blockchain in the Context of Enterprises

Blockchain has been in the radar largely in the financial services space with Bitcoin. However, in the past few years, this technology has started seeing some waves in enterprises, to influence business process agility and governance.

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Taking Global Business Services Sector to the Next Level

Global Business Services (GBS) is emerging to be a strategic priority for any large enterprise integrating governance, business practices and locations for shared services as well as outsourced functions.

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The Changing Role of the Finance Organization

The job of the finance function has seen tremendous transformations in the last five years. From a keeper of books, it has more evolved towards being a business partner, delivering insights and driving key strategic decisions. The immensely changing regulatory requirements make this function even more challenging, what with the finance function being torch bearers for good governance and incorporate financial discipline. This article from Illuminar, discusses process improvement opportunities in finance processes.

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