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Shivam Varshney

Co-Founder & CEO, Kiko Live

Latest Articles By Shivam Varshney

Retail Sector Came Back With A Boom In 2021

Local sellers had a completely unfamiliar situation in 2021 since they had access to the latest technology, which included some applications and platforms that allowed them to take their stores online to sell their items, as well as easy payment processing and reliable delivery options

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Indian Unorganized Retail: The Largest Consumer Market

Small retail businesses functioning on a lesser scale with little or no standardization and selling items in divided amounts to local clients within a small geographical area make up unorganized retail

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DukanTech: Offering Plenty Of Benefits To Sellers

Creating an online store has its own set of problems, but with Dukantech, sellers don't have to worry about it at all because they can set up their online store within seconds and without going through a long process.

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