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Shailendra Naidu Somarouthu

An adept and experienced telecom professional for over twenty years, Shailendra Naidu Somarouthu (CEO, Obopay)has been instrumental in driving growth and implementing strategic management at OBOPAY. Shailendra has extensively worked across multiple domains - sales, marketing and operations in the telecom and media verticals in India, Europe and Africa. Shailendra holds a strong expertise in designing and executing mobile payment solutions for clients across sectors.

Latest Articles By Shailendra Naidu Somarouthu

Future of Mobile Wallets: India in 2050

Last year’s demonetization drive by the Indian government gave a fresh lease of life to a similar product – the mobile wallet. It has traditionally always been the urban or millennial segment that has adopted new technology, and mobile wallets are no exception to this in India.

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