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Sanil Sachar

Sanil Sachar is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and movie producer from New Delhi. He is also the founder of coworking incubation centre, “Huddle”, and co-owner of TRUSOX, a company that promotes sports.

Latest Articles By Sanil Sachar

Incubation Trends Needed For Startup India

Startups look at incubators as the answer, and this could happen at any time to the best of entrepreneurs, so don’t over commit or guarantee

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Leadership Lessons from a Stranger

Teamwork is like a boomerang. If practiced correctly, it will go a long way, in an effective manner and come back to you.

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Sometimes Being a Leader is Just Like that Lift at Work: A Leader’s Elevator Pitch

Founders and creators are being asked to step down, organizations, even countries aren’t appreciating their leaders. Doom is nigh if we’re all heading towards a leaderless world.

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Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs: A Story about an Entrepreneur!

An entrepreneur’s life is a fairytale. No, the entrepreneur is neither the prince, nor the princess.

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What They Don’t Teach You about Life after Graduation

“Be bold, be brave. Remember, you can get a degree in one field, while your profession can be in another. It’s not set in stone to follow the same field as your course.”

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Now = Won says Entrepreneur Novelist Sanil Sachar

Focus on what you are doing now, for what you want tomorrow. The Power of NOW means NOW can be used to get what we want tomorrow

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Everybody is an Entrepreneur

If an entrepreneur is ‘someone who sets up a business,’ then how are we all entrepreneurs?

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