Sanil Sachar

Sanil Sachar is a twenty four year old author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and movie producer from New Delhi. Having written over 120 poems, 25 pieces of fictional stories and 3 scripts, he is one of the few writers in the country who has successfully published an amalgamation of these three forms of literature.

Latest Articles By Sanil Sachar

What They Don’t Teach You about Life after Graduation

“Be bold, be brave. Remember, you can get a degree in one field, while your profession can be in another. It’s not set in stone to follow the same field as your course.”

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Now = Won says Entrepreneur Novelist Sanil Sachar

Focus on what you are doing now, for what you want tomorrow. The Power of NOW means NOW can be used to get what we want tomorrow

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Everybody is an Entrepreneur

If an entrepreneur is ‘someone who sets up a business,’ then how are we all entrepreneurs?

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