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Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian

Born and brought up in Delhi, Sakshi comes from a nuclear family where she has enjoyed her parents’ support at all times. After her graduation she got a job at Sapient, as she wanted real-world experience and did not want to pursue her education further. Sakshi’s role at POSist is to ‘catalyze efficiency’, Probably it was her love for cooking that led her to co-found India's first cloud-based restaurant management platform. Sakshi has an engineering degree in Computer Science from New Delhi and has run a wed-development company Web Sanchaar, before co-founding Posist with Ashish Tulsian in Jan 2012. Sakshi’s name has been listed in top women entrepreneurs of India in various media platforms.

Latest Articles By Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian

How Excelling in Manufacturing Operation Can Make Your Restaurant Win Heights

These days restaurants opt for POS software improves the inventory savage and turnover which in turns increases the cash-flow. A better cash-flow can help improve margins as well as revenue and market share.

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