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Rohan Bhargava

Rohan Bhargava is the Co-founder of, Indian Cashback & Coupons site. He is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and is also a qualified CFA. Rohan has worked in London at Aladdin Capital, a large US-based hedge fund and at an asset management fund, Washington Square before starting his first Cashback venture - Pouring Pounds along with his wife & Co-Founder, Swati.

Latest Articles By Rohan Bhargava

Scaling The Walls Of International Expansion

Before taking your business to a global level, you must know about some basic things you will need to solve for. Here are some of the challenges that require an entrepreneur’s attention when planning international expansion.

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Things Not To Do While Raising Funds

Starting a business and raising funds is not a five-finger exercise. It takes a lot of testing and validation of the product and selecting the right team to begin with to strategically plan, expand and grow.

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