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Rizwana Iqbal

Rizwana Iqbal is an Economics graduate and a former investment banker, now making a mark in the technology startup space. She is a writer, movie buff, football fanatic and singer from the heart.

Latest Articles By Rizwana Iqbal

Just Buy Live : Empower Retailers to Dream Bigger by Bridging the Gap Between All Kinds of Stores and Every Brand

The app’s user-friendly interface maximises convenience, democratises product access and unlocks higher profits for retailers. For brands & manufacturers, it offers wider reach, unlimited scale and relevant data.

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Smytten – Bringing a Premium Experience to the Indian Consumer

In April this year, the firm had secured an undisclosed amount as funding from Rajan Anandan, prolific angel investor, and Vice President and Managing Director of Google, South-East Asia and India.

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Guesswork - Product Recommendation Engine for New Users in eCommerce Sites

In my personal life, I don’t make decisions with money as a constraint. So, unlimited money wouldn’t change a thing.

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Rivigo - Disrupting the Logistics Sector With Its Unique “Driver Relay Model” and Cutting Edge Technology

Rivigo’s culture is highly ownership driven. Each person at Rivigo believes in ‘I AM RIVIGO’. They are passionate about solving challenges in this sector and our empowered to do so here.

Read More - Aims to Simplify Financial Sector for Country’s Common Man has a very unique and futuristic vision for the financial services. We were the first to deliver technology based ‘End-to End’ personal financial services.

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Parsel Aims to Become the Ultimate SaaS Solution for Everyone with a Logistic Need

Parsel will continue to strive to achieve an ideal state wherein the goods movement is as streamlined as that of data transmission over internet.

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Clovia - One of the Leading and Fastest Growing Lingerie & Nightwear Shopping Brands in India,

Clovia is disrupting the way lingerie is being made and sold in India. We are an amalgamation of fashion and technology, and know the importance of providing a great shopping experience to our consumers.

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