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Prashanth Kuppur

Prashanth Kuppur is a founder, CEO of Huwats, that applies AI and Machine Learning to solve the challenges the current generation of ATS systems. Prashanth has 15+ years of vast experience in building scalable, smart and highly available enterprise applications across multiple domains such as finance, security services and talent management.

Latest Articles By Prashanth Kuppur

Is Your Recruitment Process Missing the “H Factor”?

As the organisation grows, so does the pressure on its recruitment team to hire talent - FAST. At what stage do you give up tracking job applicants using spreadsheets, sticky notes and emails and switch to an Application Tracking System (ATS)? Do you even need one? Here’s an objective methodology of calculating your “H Factor” and decide if the load on your recruitment team deserves an ATS to bring in the right talent at the right time to fuel your growth.

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