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Meghna Agrawal

A passionate entrepreneur and foodie explorer, Meghna is one of the co-founders of IndiQube. With over 14 years of experience in manufacturing, HR, consulting and commercial real estate, she is also the co-founder of HirePro and Ultrafine. Armed with an MBA in Finance from IMT, Ghaziabad and a Company Secretary Degree, her interests include interior design, branding and project management.

Latest Articles By Meghna Agrawal

3 Things Corporates Can Learn from Co-Working Spaces

Shared work spaces offer plenty of benefits for people who work there such as flexible work hours and community building. Here are 3 important things corporate offices can learn from shared work spaces.

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How To Let Your Employees Work Remotely

Research indicates that people aged between 18 – 34, popularly known as the millennial, are more likely to use all of their available remote work time, and they’re increasingly using it up at co- working spaces.

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