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Kumar Aniket

Kumar Aniket is a finance and legal wizard associated with various startups and innovative companies. He is a competent professional with experience of startups across industry spectrum He has over 15 years in various positions in Finance & Legal Functions with expertise in International Taxation and Transaction Processes. Aniket is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (2002) and a Legal Professional.

Latest Articles By Kumar Aniket

The BSEPS, the Double Decker and the Foreign Funding - 3 Words Startup Need to Worry About

The European countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, Korea, Netherlands and Luxembourg, with whom the Indian Government has entered the tax treaties, allow International PE firm to use similar structure and escape the Taxation in India by providing safeguard if a pooling vehicle invests in India through another company registered in these destinations.

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Rise of FinTech: Their Social Responsibility and the Dilemma, Regulators are Carrying On

The future of the FinTech industry will not be shaped by market adoption and technological advances alone. The role of the government in fostering FinTech and steering it in the direction.

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Want to Shut Your Nonoperative Startup : You Can Do it in a Month Only

It was a time when many people entered in innovation, E-Com, M-com, few got success but many not and those who don’t had to shut down their business. Running a company without a business became a burden for them.

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Will SEBI's New Efforts Be Able to Attract Listing of Startups?

Efforts made by SEBi are a welcome steps but again it will be interesting to see if these changes can revive the listing at institutional trading platform (ITP) which had been launched with a hope that it would be a new window on stock exchanges where e-commerce, data analytics, bio-technology and other startups can list and trade on their shares.

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Rise of Middle Age Entrepreneurs

Investors need to realize that the actualization of true potential of an idea needs experienced hands at the helm. And it requires Middle Aged Professionals who know the in and outs of execution.

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Smart Investors and Selfish Founders

Delivery Startups faced problem because they forgot that most of Indian families beyond metros has only one working member with dependent wife and parents.

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