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Gaurav Patra

A first generation Technology journalist, seasoned PR veteran and digital media exponent, Gaurav Patra has explored every aspect of his key strengths through his rich association with the media since the past two decades. He has been brandishing his innate communication and management skills to ably realize his dream of furthering his own entrepreneurial venture from vision to execution. After building a solid base in journalism across leading publication houses like Cyber Media, Media Transasia and Jasubhai Digital Media, he has seen and tracked the rise and shine of the IT industry in India over the last 20 years, lending keen insight and perspective as Assistant Bureau Chief at The Indian Express Group.

Latest Articles By Gaurav Patra

Brand Building Mantra For Startups Entering IPO

The appropriate choice will allow the audience to feel like they are receiving a personalised experience as well as allow the brand to keep a track of audience feedback, and take necessary corrective actions, well within time.

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Why Brands Must Also Focus On Internal Communications As COVID Cases Rise Again

Building a strong internal communications framework will also drive productivity and sustainable growth under a globally impacted remote work situation.

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All the Reason Why PR Industry is Going to Grow Rapidly This Year

The public relations industry to be valued INR 2,100 Cr by 2020, nearly doubling its current market size.

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