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Devang Mehta

Devang Mehta – Venture Partner, Anthill Ventures.

Latest Articles By Devang Mehta

What is an Ideal Startup Employee Profile?

The Hiring Nirvana: startups that hire the right people are the ones that can successfully navigate through the myriad problems that occur in a typical lifecycle; and by extension, are the ones that realize favorable outcomes for VC investments. Which is why VCs should definitely endeavor to help fill in key positions - especially at the C-level if required - and to build/refine an efficient hiring culture in their portfolio companies for entry- and mid-level positions.

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Tricks and Tips to Expand Your Startup Internationally

Acquiring local competitors is a great way for startups to expand globally. Acquisitions help bridge many gaps - talent, language, cultural nuances, and local contacts in addition to the more obvious benefits of revenue, product features, users, page views etc.

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