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Anu Shah

Anu Shah is cofounder and CEO of UShift, a Rocket Internet company offering an on-demand staffing platform aiming to make it easier for businesses to post jobs and get matched with qualified and skilled workers looking for temporary work.

Latest Articles By Anu Shah

No It’s Not Crazy and Hysterical to Express Yourself Ladies!

Unfortunately, when a woman flies off the handle, she is perceived as being hysterical, or unstable –– men are never quite accused of this.

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EU Can Reinvent Itself by Making Canada Part of its Trade Block and Give Birth to Multipolar Trade Alliance

If the EU plays its cards more astutely and form an extended trade union with Canada, it can become a major game changer and gain a more powerful position for negotiations with the US.

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Fintech is the New Oil in Frontier Markets Like Africa

Africa is world leader in mobile payment with 12% of adults in Sub-Saharan Africa using mobile payment accounts, as opposed to global benchmark of only 2%

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Raising Funds as a Female CEO of a Tech Startup

I was told by my well-wishers that raising funds without a man by my side will be next to impossible.

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Why the Gig Economy is Worth Investing in

In just nine months of 2017, online staffing platforms raised more than $500 million, indicating how attractive and hot this industry currently is.

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Women in Tech are No Less Capable than the Men

Jean Liu, the president of Didi Chuxing, is best known for getting Uber’s Travis Kalanick to sell off his china operations to her company

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