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Anil K. Antony

Anil is a Venture Architect, Technology Evangelist and a Social Entrepreneur. He is the Executive Director of Cyber India (, a think tank in cyber security and surveillance technologies and the Vice President and a member of board of trustees of Navoothan Foundation (, a non-profit focusing on healthcare and empowerment of women.

Latest Articles By Anil K. Antony

Artificial Intelligence Could Be Antidote For Recurring Cyber Attacks

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence powered security solutions, with the capacity to constantly monitor digital systems, predict and detect upcoming threats and self create preventive solutions, at the same swiftness, could be the ideal antidote

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Competitive Threats from Robots and AI Taking Us to a New Dawn in Evolutionary History

According to a World Bank research, more than 69 % of the current jobs in India and 77 % of the current jobs in China would be threatened by automation in the not so distant future.

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