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Anil Chhikara

Anil Chhikara is an entrepreneur at heart, believer in dreams, love incubating innovative tech startups, go-to-market specialist and passionate about setting & scaling up new businesses.

Latest Articles By Anil Chhikara

Is Your Recruitment Process Missing the “H Factor”?

As the organisation grows, so does the pressure on its recruitment team to hire talent - FAST. At what stage do you give up tracking job applicants using spreadsheets, sticky notes and emails and switch to an Application Tracking System (ATS)? Do you even need one? Here’s an objective methodology of calculating your “H Factor” and decide if the load on your recruitment team deserves an ATS to bring in the right talent at the right time to fuel your growth.

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TVF, ShopClues and StayZilla: What's the BIG deal?

First TVF and then Shopclues and then StayZilla... the incidents have come as rapid fire and I'm sure there are more to come.

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