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Amit Dua

Amit Dua - CoFounder and CEO at Signity Solutions and ValueAppz.

Latest Articles By Amit Dua

2018: The Year When Chatbots Get More Real, More Human

2018 is the year where every company has access to huge amounts of database of general FAQ’s and customer queries. You don’t have to be google or facebook to know the market trends. As a result different platforms are coming out with chatbots.

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What are the Risks with IT Outsourcing and How to Mitigate Them?

When you outsource IT, you also trust the security of data with an outsider. Let’s say, you have Intellectual Property (IP) rights for your business.

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How to Decide Your Chatbot’s Personality

Designing a chatbot’s personality is akin to crafting a fictional character with voice, tone, dialogues and traits.

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The Power of Technology for Survival of Local Small Business

Technology brings industries closer to consumers by using emails to answer queries, offer online chat options in order to help customers that visit the business websites, use latest phone gear that makes customer service more effective.

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Employee Experience is at the Heart of Organizational Culture

Why organizations are putting the spotlight on the employee experience? Well, it is primarily because employee experience is being viewed as an essential component to employee retention.

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Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

If you are hiring a remote or virtual developer, the flow of communication gains immense importance. The developer and you need to be on the same page with respect to communication tools (e-mails, phone, video calls), working hours, response time and follow-ups.

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How Effective Communication Can Give Your Business an Edge?

For organizations where supply chain logistics is one of the crucial functions, good communication is nothing less than a lifeline.

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Top Grocery Apps in the World

The customers of Tesco can browse through all products on the app, avail value deals and organize a convenient direct delivery slot or arrange for self-pickup from the nearest location.

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5 Reasons To Launch An Effective Job Marketplace App

In the digital age, online job searches are at peak, offering people an opportunity to seek and grab their dream jobs.

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The Importance of having Leaders at Each Organizational Level

The founding leaders or the entrepreneurs need to be involved in growing leaders internally at all stages of the process.

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