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Amarjeet Singh

Dr. Amarjeet Singh is the co-founder and CTO of Zenatix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He completed his B.Tech in 2002 from IIT Delhi and MS, PhD from UCLA in 2009. He has keen interest in developing cyber-physical applications, specifically in the energy domain.

Latest Articles By Amarjeet Singh

Zen And The Art of Building an IoT Enterprise

I don’t have decades of experience building an IoT Enterprise. However, my PhD research involved developing (sensor network and robotic) systems and algorithms, deploying them in real world and then making sense of the collected data. I did the same during my academic stint at IIIT Delhi and have been following upon it here at Zenatix. So that does provide me with more than a decade of exposure to building and deploying systems from the perspective of exploiting the collected data for real and meaningful applications.

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What Makes IoT Enterprises Click - Technology Backend to Support Deployment and Field Troubleshooting as the Third Critical Requirement

Since IoT is an upcoming domain, aiming to collect data that is not seen before (and ensure that analysis thereof can provide useful actionable insights which eventually become the differentiating factor for your venture), it is very likely that specialised skills will be required for deployment (and now I am getting specific to B2B IoT and this may not be very critical for consumer IoT) and maintenance of your hardware.

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What Makes a Successful IoT Enterprise? - Second Key Component is Integrated Hardware Software Development

"Hardware robustness” is a journey that has to be lived through for a successful IoT enterprise, manufacturing its own hardware.

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Hardware Robustness and Extensibility - First Step Towards Successful IoT Implementation

A study from University of Virginia illustrates how hardware deployment and maintenance in residential settings is non-trivial. Even big players such as Google tried with Power Meter and failed (eventually acquiring Nest in 2014 and making some inroads over the past couple of years though still there is a long way to go).

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