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Tanya Kathuria

Tanya Kathuria is a media enthusiast pursuing her bachelor's in Literature from Jamia Milla Islamia. She loves writing and also has two of her own blogs: Just Oreo Things and The Mughmara Chronicles

Latest Articles By Tanya Kathuria

MADS Apparel - A Clothing Brand That Aims to Set Up a Trend in the Fitness Fashion Industry

As of now, MADS plans to open up their own store in Greater Noida and also launch their own app by the end of this year. They’re launching new products like joggers which will be available soon and also anticipating the launch of equipment one requires while gyming or exercising like wrist supports.

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How To Promote Your Startup Through Youtube

Before attempting to shoot and upload videos, know your audience. It’s better to hire social media savvy people for this particular marketing strategy.

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8 Ways To Promote Your Startup Through Facebook

Facebook also offers traditional advertising options that let you display your custom ads in user’s news feeds. The ads appear as promotional posts and directs anyone who clicks it straight to your website.

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Startup Cricket League : Hit Fours and Sixes With Your Potential Investors

BW Disrupt is organising a one of a kind event - Startup Cricket League which aims to bring startup enthusiasts and investors on one pitch.

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5 Event Planning Startups In India

Yoovite is a Kochi based startup launched in June 2011 by Boby Thomas. It is an online startup designed to create and manage online invitations for events, marriages and other functions.

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6 PG Service Startups in India

Homers is one of India’s leading Consumer to Consumer home rental platform.The home-seeker and home-owner deal directly with each other without the hassles of middlemen.

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10 Creative Ways To Finance Your Startup

The primary choice of financing your startup should be self financing also known as bootstrapping. You can invest your savings or generate some money before you start your business.

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10 Ways To Promote Your Startup Using Instagram

Use data analysis apps to track your Instagram profile progress. It will show you what time your posts get the most likes or which community likes your posts the most.

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10 Ways to Lure More Traffic on Your Website

All your marketing ideas will go to a waste if you don’t have engaging content on your website. To make your content more interesting, include catchy headlines and make sure your content isn’t mundane.

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