Soumya Gupta

Soumya is a young writer and journalist, with bachelors in Multimedia and Mass Communication. She is an alumini of the Asian College of Journalism, and finds politics and sustainability intriguing beats to work with.

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'Competition Is Never A Threat' - Says Hari Menon, CEO, BigBasket

BW Businessworld interacts with Hari Menon, CEO, Bigbasket to know how Big Basket managed to keep its head above the ground & remain ahead of the rest of the flock, even in troubled times

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Syona Cosmetics: Sees Entering the Premium Cosmetics Market as the Logical Next Step

The journey has been action-packed with immense learning in building teams, managing perceptions, nurturing talent, designing world-class products and most of all creating lasting value in the professional industry.

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Vinay Narayan of HTC Vive Joins Board of Indian Virtual Reality Solutions Company SmartVizX

Founded in February 2015, SmartVizX has quickly emerged as the leader in VR based products for B2B (business to business) space in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry.

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Global Digital Giants Experimenting with Disruptive Ventures to Expand E-Commerce Footprint

Since an average user spends around 50 minutes on Facebook a day, users could easily now buy and sell without forming communities and also trade in house-hold items.

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Vidyanext: Aims to Change the way India Learns By Empowering Guru–Shishya Model

Vidyanext has been learning from their past experiences. They have launched Term 2 and believe that it will create a lot of engagement because of the product features that are adding to the learning system.

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I Brands Beverages: Aims to Target Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Telangana in This FY

Next big plan is meeting the objective of a pan-India presence in the next 5 years. It is working towards launching in 4 bigger states which accounts for majority of the IMFL business contribution in India: Telangana, Karnataka (Civil), Maharashtra and Delhi by end of this fiscal year.

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Internet Moguls: Foresees a 25 Million Outfit in the Next 3 Years

Internet Moguls helps hotels, travel companies and airlines to use seamless technology integration and digital marketing to drive and balance revenues from various channels.

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"We Aim to be the Leading One-Stop Savings Destination for Online Shoppers" Says Rohit Chugh, Co-Founder CouponRaja & CompareRaja

The popular categories remain same for metros & non-metros; ranging from books to apparel to consumer durables. However, the non-metro consumers buy online more because of non-availability than for convenience. Some of the key non-metros are Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur.

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Trading Bells: Aims at Building Transperancy & Inform Customers as Trust is the Key In Discount Broking

The opportunity to grow in this market is tremendous, because the number of people in India who can invest in the stock markets is around 200m (18-55 years old; with a minimum earning and saving capacity enough to start investing). So potentially the number of demat accounts can grow 8 folds.

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WorldArtCommunity Foresees Rapid Growth Owing to Augmented Mass Affluence and Discerning Tastes

WorldArtCommunity went live with 18 partners and 200 products and within a period of 6 months, it reached its first milestone by registering 300 sellers and a merchandise of 4000+ on the website

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