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Soumya Gupta

Soumya is a young writer and journalist, with bachelors in Multimedia and Mass Communication. She is an alumini of the Asian College of Journalism, and finds politics and sustainability intriguing beats to work with.

Latest Articles By Soumya Gupta

Analytical Booster Platform to Deliver “Smarter Healthcare”

There is a ton of meaningful healthcare data out there, stored away, waiting to become meaningful. In most cases, providers don’t know what to do with it, and what might be relevant use cases. THB sees that as an opportunity to make a difference for the entire healthcare ecosystem

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Paytm Acquires Delhi-Based Shopsity to Further Strengthen its O2O Network for Small Retailers

“Paytm is doing phenomenal stuff in the offline commerce space, and we are very excited to join the team and build a platform that enables small retailers to ride the digital wave. Millions of retailers are using Paytm to accept payments today, and we're working hard to bring an entire suite of digital services to them."

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Torero Group: A Worldwide Licensee of Cross’s Leather Accessories Business Exporting to Over 40 countries

The leather accessories market is yet to have its share of revolution and they are aiming to pull down the entry barrier for global brands to ensure fair play for global brands looking to diversify into equally diverse categories.

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Licious: The Company Plans to Take its Value Offerings to NCR by Q4 2016 (Jan - March).

With Licious being the first branded high quality meat and seafood tech start-up, there was initial hesitation among the consumers to move from an offline to an online market.

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Cladoop INC: Quantifying Children's Emotions & Behavior

The primary reason for misdiagnosis is due to lack of 'Objective Measurement' for ADHD. Currently, the assessment is based on some questionnaires and the opinion of the doctor who could be judgemental or biased

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Medika Bazaar: Aims to be the Largest Aggregator of Medical Supplies in next 2-3 years

Medikabazaar has 3500+ medical institutions signed up with them. More than half of them are transacting frequently. Average order value is more than Rs 5000. Medikabazaar has more than 35000+ products on their portal with more than 300 registered vendors / manufacturers.

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Bodhi Health Education: Providing Credible Medical Awareness Online

Over 18000 healthcare professionals today are using Bodhi's platform in different areas like infection control, critical care, maternal and child health and soft skills.

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Trump Beats Clinton; Walks Victorious to the White House

Donald Trump pulled off a shock US election win after channeling Brexit style forces to defeat establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton confidence to become America’s first female President rapidly disappeared as results started coming in.

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PM Modi Scraps Rs.500 & 1000 Notes with Immediate Effect from Tonight; Rs 2000 Note Comes in Circulation

“For a few days, cash up to Rs.2000/- only can be withdrawn from ATMs. This will be enhanced to Rs.4000/- later on. The withdrawal limit for ATM will eventually be fixed at Rs.10,000/- per day and Rs.20,000/-per week”.

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DailyRounds- App for Doctors Aims to Cement their Market Lead in Doctor Network Space

One of the main challenges is to maintain the quality of the content shared as more doctors join and submit on the platform. The editorial review for content quality becomes costlier as the number of submissions increase

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