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Soumya Gupta

Soumya is a young writer and journalist, with bachelors in Multimedia and Mass Communication. She is an alumini of the Asian College of Journalism, and finds politics and sustainability intriguing beats to work with.

Latest Articles By Soumya Gupta

The New Normal for Television Content Delivery and Monetization

There are around 150,000 advertisers advertise nearly 200,000 brands in print media while only 12,000 advertisers advertise nearly 15,000 brands in Television media in India.

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Coursera Aims at Better Content and Product Experience Building

A big driver for this growth will be the rising need across all industries for workers skilled in technologies that constantly are changing.

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Government Launches Startup India Hub Portal, Plans SAARC Startup Summit In Next Six Months

About 1,333 startups have been recognized and just about 39 have been given tax exemptions since January 2106 under the Start Up India initiative, the government said.

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Arunabh Kumar: "I Have Decided to Step Down as TVF CEO"

He revealed the news through a note posted on Twitter, “A lot has happened in the last three months which has mentally and emotionally drained me. However, I have faith and confidence that eventually truth will prevail,” said Kumar.

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Tencent Invests $600M in Mobike; Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Invests in EazyDiner; GVFL Invests $4.67M in Chhajed Foods & More

HealthIntel Services Pvt Ltd (HSPL), a tech company which provides eprescription-based application for doctors for efficient patient and clinic management, has received funding from BLIP Initiatives.

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Stoodnt Invests in Machine Learning/AI and Piloting Initiatives in Middle Eastern Countries, Palo Alto, California based leading education technology start-up that offers quality, objective and affordable career, college and study abroad guidance services and tools to student.

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'India Should Be Proud of UPI But Needs to See More Science Oriented Innovation'

Investments include Byjus, Innovaccer and Oku Tech. He is a Fellow at the Indian Software Product Industry Roundtable (iSPiRT) and a Charter Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE).

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Cognicor Eyes Potential Market of Around $30-40B

Cognicor has pending patents in user learning and issue resolution using its own machine learning and cognitive algorithms.

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Three Biggest Challenges That Tesla is Now Facing

Tesla sits at the juncture between a tech startup, untethered from the rules of the old economy, and a manufacturer that needs to produce physical goods.

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10Times App Envisions to Build a Platform for 100M Business Community

For an event-goer, based on their interests, we recommend relevant events to attend and introduce them to other attendees.

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