Soumya Gupta

Soumya is a young writer and journalist, with bachelors in Multimedia and Mass Communication. She is an alumini of the Asian College of Journalism, and finds politics and sustainability intriguing beats to work with.

Latest Articles By Soumya Gupta

Triumphs of Startup India; Standup India

Launch of Grand Innovation Challenges around the nation's pressing problems would be helpful in channelizing the euphoria towards these problems.

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The Ecosystem is Talking About Startup India Action Plan!

The action plan contains several positive initiatives for Indian startups that look at easing up various regulatory, legal, financial and other challenges faced by them.

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USA & France Visa Schemes Attract Startups, Techies and VCs

Trump administration might soon take this scheme forward, which was introduced by the Obama administration, acknowledging the fact that immigrants continue to become some of the most successful founders in United States.

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Zivame's Richa Kar Gives Up Role in Daily Operations; Shaleen Sinha (COO) to Take Over

Richa Kar continues to be the CEO of Zivame. She works closely with the board on strategic projects for the company

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2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report is Out

First Global Cities Ranking Launched: Copenhagen, Zurich, Helsinki & San Fransisco Take Top Spots

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Startup India Learning Program: A Free of Cost Entrepreneurship Course Launched by GOI

The program covers lessons on key areas of starting up by 40+ top founders of India in an extensive 4-Week Program, available both in English and Hindi

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Fluid AI: Expects AI Market to Reach $36.8B by the Year 2025

Fluid AI offer a way to bring Artificial Intelligence to the real world environment. They are changing the way in which digital interactions can take place in a business environment in a very natural.

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Most Anticipated Deals of 2017

The India startup ecosystem is maturing year by year, not only the founders are learning from their mistakes, but even the VCs are... What to do & what not to do is always the struggle but some things we can all anticipate. Here, BWDisrupt brings which sector could be the hottest to explore and invest in 2017.

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Millennials Found a Home with CoHo in Delhi-NCR

There is a crying need for a trusted brand with promise of consistent services at affordable price points in long stay accommodations segment and we at CoHo are pioneering this space.

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Shared Mobility Solutions Platform Revv Launches One-Way Product for Urban Commuting

Now get your favorite car delivered at one place, and picked up from another

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