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The author is Editorial Lead at BW People and works as a Trainee Journalist with BW Businessworld

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VDO.AI Providing AdTech Innovative Solutions Across CTVs And OTTs

"We are an innovation-led catalyser of growth playbook for publishers and advertisers. We are dedicated to making a long-term change and creating a positive force in the Adtech industry," Amitt Sharma, Founder and CEO, VDO.AI states while sharing his insights on the current industry trends

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JustMyRoots Delivers Interstate; Intends To Connect People Through Food

"We have expanded to over 30 cities where we are delivering unique and authentic cooked meals as per the taste of the region. So far we have served around 2.5 lakh customers across India," Samiran Sengupta, Co-founder, JustMyRoots explains

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RBI's Move To Link Credit Cards With UPI: Expectations Vs Reality

Currently, UPI facilitates transactions by linking savings/current accounts through users’ debit cards. However, since there is no MDR charged to merchants for UPI payments, there is an open question of how will the credit card issuers cover their cost of capital. Let’s dive in deeper

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DailyObjects: Home-Grown Design-Led Brand Offering Solutions For Digital Lifestyles

"We want to build DailyObjects as a global homegrown D2C brand with design innovation at its core, clearly distinguishing itself from other businesses in this market," Pankaj Garg, Co-founder and CEO, DailyObjects expresses

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MiniKlub Making Fashion Wear Available For Newborns To 8-Years-Old Kids

"Just imagine the background of a strong manufacturing unit with all the international standards coming together with the Indian product and design team, this becomes our USP and that’s why mothers in India trust us," Anjana Pasi, Founder and Director, MiniKlub shares

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Know About These Five Impact-Making Fintechs Powering SMBs In India

India has the largest number of SMBs in the world, with over 60 million, which account for about one-third of India's GDP. They play a significant role in upscaling the economy of the nation. These fintech startups are working to resolve their issues as well as providing the needful services

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#WorldEnvironmentDay2022: Startups Towards Greener Future

Startups and disruptors shall be acknowledged who are launching new products, adopting corrective measures and driving through sustainable and environment-friendly initiatives

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Bridging The Gap Between IT And Businesses

The rapid evolution of technology creates opportunities – as well as challenges – for traditional businesses. As a result, many organizations strive to adopt an agile approach to respond effectively

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Celebration Of A Tribe, The Fandrum Way

Fan is at its essence. Creating a community for fans that is different from consumers or audiences and the strategies to collaborate and integrate with them in an impactful way

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Wurkr Building And Enabling Boundary-Less Office Spaces

"Wurkr is a platform with more than 5000 happy customers in over 111 countries, the challenge that we still face is in educating the target group of customers who are decision-makers of the SMEs and businesses that depend on distributed/remote teams," Annil Chandel, Co-Founder and CEO, shares

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