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Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

Latest Articles By Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Shortcuts to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur… a Little Bit Faster

Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO, Kiip, shares his tips on how to make investors happy and how many exclamation marks to use in a business email and so on during a fireside chat by startup Grind.We share with you what the audience reacted to the most from the chat (whether it was a haha, aha! or hmmm…interesting moments).

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Practo Aims to Make Healthcare a Delightful Experience

It hopes to reach a 100 cities across India in the coming future. Today it is used by doctors across the globe to manage millions of patients and their healthcare records every month. In India we hold over 90% market share amongst all doctors who use software to manage their practice.

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Harini And Soapworks Is Social Entrepreneurship And Luxury In Its Truest Form

“My long term idea is utilize the skills of the people with special ability and help them gain a skill too. My primary idea was and is never to make a commercial business out of it and it shall remain the same.”

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