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Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

Latest Articles By Regina Mihindukulasuriya

The Unusually Smooth Ride of Melorra

Most startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs will tell you how hard they have it. Not the founder of fast fashion disruptor Melorra.

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Rentomojo CEO Speaks of Why Renting is a Preferred Option

The furniture, appliance and bike rental startup has the nod of IDG Ventures and Accel Partners, India. The two VCs invested 5 million dollars in Bengaluru based Rentomojo, announced July, 2016.

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Carpooling Set to Hit the Growth Highway

The carpooling segment of the taxi industry began around 2013 and there are no comprehensive stats available on how big the carpooling industry is. However, it is just a fraction of the organised taxi industry. Some companies exclusively into carpooling are Orahi and BlaBlaCar while aggregators like Uber, Meru and Ola are also in the business.

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StoreHippo Offers to Make it Easy to Start an Online Business

StoreHippo is the next generation, mobile-first, ecommerce platform that provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for retailers to manage, sell, ship and market their products and services online.

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The Ethnic Story Trying to Make it in the Billion $ Handicraft Market

It’s an ecommerce brand that brings under one banner the work of craftsmen, designers and manufacturers. Ranging from home décor to board games and jewellery the startup aims to promote the proud heritage of India's various artistic traditions to the world even through the many challenges it faces with revenue targets, talent and funding.

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Pom Pom Would Like to Pay for Your Garbage

Step out into the streets of Delhi any time of the day you will be assaulted by garbage that is rising by the day. Paper, plastic, foil, food waste strewn everywhere with nowhere to go. Startups like Pom Pom are taking the initiative in creating awareness, making recycling fun and hope incentivising Delhiites will create a loyal customer base for them while helping to keep the city cleaner.

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A Rare Non-Tech Startup Vstayhappy is Bringing Budget Accommodation to Corporate Clients

Vstayhappy Accomodation is a startup aggregating budget accomodation in the unorganized sector for a target customer base of individuals but mostly organizations looking for company guest houses fro their employees. Founded in 2015 they have already signed on Portea and CafeCoffeeDay.

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‘Tip of the Iceberg’ Launched Celebrating Entrepreneurial Struggles

Suveen Sinha, national business editor of the Hindustan Times, has recently launched his latest book 'The Tip of the Iceberg: The Unknown Truth Behind India's Start-Ups' published by Penguin Random House India. In it Sinha diligently follows the journeys of some of India's the most successful entrepreneurs.

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US – Indo Govs Launch Forum to Drive Indian Entrepreneurship

The US-India Innovation Forum will help Indian entrepreneurs create jobs to drive economic growth with the assistance of US government, research institutes and companies.

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Mobile Only Wydr Targets One Stop B2B Marketplace

Devesh Rai, Founder and CEO, Wydr, shares with BWDisrupt how Wydr as a mobile based B2B online wholesale marketplace can help manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers find each other and increase speed of doing business:

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