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Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

Latest Articles By Regina Mihindukulasuriya

F&B Owners Feel Positive about Coworking

We speak to a few owners of restaurants, coffee chains, clubs and work space aggregating websites about how much they earn from coworking. Overall things are looking up.

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How to Attract Investors: Tips from a Valley Entrepreneur

Not too long ago Brian Wong was another aspiring entrepreneur hanging around Silicon Valley waiting for the right idea and the right investor. As a Canadian he had to deal with all the immigration problems we all face trying to enter the Land of Dreams.

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Research Says these are the Top Ways to Acquire Customers Online

“…India’s CMOs have dialled up their investments in digital marketing. In terms of impact, India’s Marketers have recorded Social and Email Marketing to be the top performing online marketing channels.”

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FootTheBall Aims to be the Facebook for Football Die-Hards

Sports and startups seem such disparate concepts. But with fantasy football in the US estimated at $70Bn we should expect to see more forays into sports by startups.

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Healthians is a Pre – Series A Startup Trying to Promote Preventive Healthcare is a diagnostic and wellness company enabling customers to book a test from an app, web or over the phone. The startup also offers the expertise of Healthians wellness expert on what test to take. Diagnostics and preventive healthcare is a tough business to break into because nobody believes people will pay for tests if they are not sick.

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TripXOXO Gives You 10,000 Ways to Experience the World

TripXOXO is an online travel portal aggregating sightseeing tours, tickets to amusement parks and dinner vouchers targeting the travelling Indian.

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Coworking is the Newest Revenue Model for Cafes

“…more than 90% of the individuals working from cafes end up generating an average bill value for cafes that is equivalent to or more than the per day rental at a business centre.’’

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French Tech Ticket Launched in a Bid to Make France the Next Silicon Valley

The French government wants to take the French tech startup ecosystem to the heights of global recognition by inviting entrepreneurs around the world to incubate and launch their startups in France.

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Acquisitions Happen for Several Reasons

Acquisitions of startups have been quite a common occurring in the past year here in India. According to these serial entrepreneurs and investors these are some of the top reasons for an acquisition to take place.

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Sollfege – The Boostrapping IoT Startup

We speak to one of the founders of Sollfege, Vickey Koul about what it’s like to startup on a hi-tech idea like IoT for homes, why they are bootstrapping and who their client base is (hint: HNIs).

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