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Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

Latest Articles By Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Zoho Corp: India’s Very Own Microsoft

Zoho Corp is the very first Indian software company to roll out an operating system for businesses.

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Vyoma Media Rises from the Hells of Adtech

Ten years ago investors expected the digital signage industry to be the next gold rush; they were all wrong.

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The Investor Switch: From Real Estate to Artificial Intelligence

The next trillion dollars will be created by companies creating front end innovation. And that’s where this investor, formerly a real estate faithful will be investing in, in the coming decades.

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Swedish in India

So we had to ask Mamedi, “Where would Truecaller be without India?” He said, “I don’t know”.

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Spending $80M to Win $20M: TeamIndus and their Moon Journey

Bad business in space - “Doesn’t it cost far more than $20 million to land on the moon?’’

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Safexpress on Becoming Fleet Leader in Indian Logistics

Just in the last financial year, Safexpress’ turnover crossed Rs. 1600 crore.

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A Movie Star and India’s Legacy of Precision Medicine

India’s MedGenome is breaking new ground in medicine and Angelina Jolie was a catalyst in their revolutionary journey.

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Angel Broking, the Stock Advisors with Celestial Hunches

It’s a 30 year young startup and a force to be reckoned with in stock broking. In the last fiscal, Angel Broking customers made profits exceeding 1700 crores.

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Ola is Not Using the New $2Bn to Enter Sri Lanka

A LinkedIn post got everyone speculating Ola Cabs entering international markets a little too prematurely (if it’s happening at all).

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De-Tabooing Tracking

“It took only two minutes for the life of an executive from a famous e-commerce company to change…Imagine if that young girl had had something like LetsTrack; we could have routed her whereabouts immediately to the police station…”

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