Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

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Ronnie Screwvala’s Second Mission Is Edtech

“Edtech is an exciting space to be in. I’d like to do this for at least the next 15 to 20 years. But it’s not just about capital returns. The ability to make an impact and empower so many lives by taking education online is profound. I have been blessed. I was able to make a big impact in the 90s when I founded UTV. If I am able to make a second big impact with UpGrad, then that would be wonderful and a real privilege.”

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Startup India Should Move Beyond Hype

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have a large fan following among non-resident Indians (NRIs) and many of them may be keen to start ventures in India... "People living in other countries think that India is what the prime minister portrays when he goes abroad. But it's so much different here..."

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India Value Fund Advisors’ New Name: True North. Starts investing In Tech.

The private equity firm has rebranded and will start investing in tech products and services. This may signal a shift in thinking as even private equity investors now acknowledge that new technologies are established and proven enough to bring in an ROI.

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Indian GIS Startups Are Using Maps For Cutting Edge Work

These startups are using digital maps to do bigger things than find out the nearest coffee shop. Innovation in these areas however come at a great price, literally..."That’s why we work with Esri India as one of their emerging business partners,” says these entrepreneurs.

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Love And Big Data: What OkCupid Cofounder Learned

Christian Rudder is the cofounder of massively popular OkCupid (whose parent company, IAC, also owns Tinder). He is also a data scientist from Harvard. In his book, Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking), he gives us some hard to digest insights. But they are backed by big data, so we guess we’ll have to believe him.

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10 Productivity Boosters For Monday Morning

Startup life is tough. You’re broke, and tired most of the time but you must move at the speed of lightning. Use these tips to unscramble the madness and actually get some work done.

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Chatting With IoT Startup Covacsis In A Slow-To-Convert India

“Few globally recognized Indian stalwarts advised us not to start this venture as they found it too audacious for an Indian entrepreneur,” says Tarun. But Tarun is adamant that IoT, cloud computing based solutions are the way forward. And they do have a few giant clients like Cisco, so things aren't completely grey. He is looking for another 30 million dollars to grow Covacsis. Investors, interested?

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Made, Patented In India! 5 Things To Know About The Soon Launching AmbuPod

Sometimes great innovation comes in small sizes. To Indians who can’t afford emergency ambulances, it will be a blessing in the shape of a pod. The AmbuPod will be launched on the 13th of January, 2017.

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B2B Coffee Startup True South Serves Up Instant, Original Filter Coffee

“…the biggest challenge we face is educating our consumers about this new form of coffee. Coffee to people has always been beans and powder and they will take their time to accept a liquid form. But, from our experience, once they switch to this decoction, there is no going back.” If you’ve been to ITC Maurya or The Leela Palace, then you have probably had this shot of Kaffee.

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SoftBank Elects UK VC Investor Akshay Naheta For $100 Billion Vision Fund

Akshay Naheta, an investor based in London, as well as founder and chief investment officer of Knight Assets and Co., will be joining SoftBank as a strategic finance advisor and help guide investments of the Japanese VC firm’s massive corpus of 100 billion dollars.

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