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Regina Mihindukulasuriya

Regina is a reporter for BW Businessworld. In her previous assignments, she has worked with Independent television Network as a news anchor and reporter in Sri Lanka

Latest Articles By Regina Mihindukulasuriya

A Startup Thrives on Training Human Welders in the Age of Automation

Some say welding jobs had to be automated because human mastery of the skill was lacking. Skillveri is capitalizing on skilling welder-men all the way to 6 crores this fiscal year.

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Ericsson Showcases 5G and Signs Agreement with Bharti Airtel

5G will enable a $27.3 billion revenue opportunity for Indian telecom operators by 2026 – the handset and money to purchase 5G airwaves is all that is missing.

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Bicycle Sharing Bubble Burst in China, but in India it’s Still Ballooning

A cycle in Delhi can make the same distance as a car or motorbike in the same time, finds out this founder of a bike sharing startup.

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Anthill Ventures Raising $25M to Scale Startups to Series A within 12 Months

Anthill, according to sources is on the lookout for investors at tech conferences like Web Summit. At least half the targeted corpus size is expected to be fulfilled by first quarter of 2018.

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Out of the Rock Ages and into the Digital: Boardrooms Go Paperless

The almighty corporate dinosaurs are ready to Ctrl+Alt+Del that printed out annual report, as BoardPAC CEO says clients are chasing after their software at this point.

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Surprisingly Indian Women Aspire to Sri Lankan Ethnic Fashion Wear

Fashion Market.LK’s biggest market is India (not Sri Lanka) and is looking at tying up with India’s ethnic fashion ecommerce company Jaypore.

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Beyond Coconuts and Beaches: The Island Innovating Middleware Technology

WSO2 has raised funds from Intel, fought off many acquisitions, and created its own programming language; most of it was done on the isle of Sri Lanka.

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Just When You Thought the World Bank Won’t Fund Startup India

The International Finance Corporation is a World Bank Group member. It has leveraged $2.6 billion in capital to deliver more than $265 billion in financing.

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Rajan Anandan: Google Summer of Code Sees Highest Numbers from Sri Lankan University

Nope, not even the IIT’s came close as Sri Lanka sits on the brink of its own ‘Startup’ moment

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African Startup 'The Women's Bakery' to Enter India

This Rwandan co-operative business might very well be the next to enter India with a little help from Dr Reddy’s Foundation and EFI Hub.

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