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Rajguru Tandon

The author is a correspondent with BW Businessworld with keen interest in HR and employee welfare.

Latest Articles By Rajguru Tandon

People At Every Level Willing To Learn Skills For Their Career: CEO, Degreed

"Our goal is to make sure no one, and I truly mean no one, in today’s workforce becomes irrelevant after a mere 5 years in the workforce, due to a lack of new skills", says Chris McCarthy, CEO of Degreed

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Microsoft Programs Build Culture To Retain And Welcome Women After Career Breaks

Microsoft has designed programs which help women who have been on career breaks get back into the workforce through mentoring and learning: Ira Gupta, CHRO, Microsoft India

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We Are Determined To Become The Go-To Platform For Competitive Exams: CEO, Gradeup

"Our test series and live classes have been accepted very well by our community of students & they have responded positively by putting their faith in these services", CEO of Gradeup

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Women Working More Than 55 Hours/Week At Risk Of Depression Compared To Men

The expansion of the global and gig economies has increased the need to work outside standard office hours

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Women In Workplaces Still Lag Behind For Hiring And Promotions

For every 100 men promoted to manager, just 79 women are promoted to managerial roles

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Samsung Mobile Factory In Noida To Create 1000 Jobs

Mobile companies have created 4 lakh jobs since 2014 in India, claims Modi

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Jobs In Robotics Sector Double In 3 Years In India

Job demands in the robotics sector are more than the job seekers

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Walmart- Flipkart Deal Will Help Job Creation In India

The deal will benefit the Indian economy; accelerating job creation while also promoting farmers’ income and ‘Make In India’ initiative

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AI Benefits Exceed The Impact Concerns: Report

Indian business decision-makers believe AI will help their business in various ways such as boosting productivity, generating growth and addressing societal issues

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Google Will Fund 1.3 Lakh Indians For Skill Training

Google will fund 100,000 scholarships on the Pluralsight technology learning platform and 30,000 scholarships on Udacity platform as part of the program

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